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Coris Asset Management Pte Ltd (Coris AM) is a venture capital fund management company investing in promising fintechs or start-ups using blockchain technology.


Our VISION is to simplify the future of investing.


Our MISSION is to reshape the investment landscape through inclusive collaboration and accelerating growth by harnessing the entire value chain in the fintech/blockchain ecosystem to bring asymmetric returns to all stakeholders.

Blockchain and fintech are part of new technology that is emerging, and many people do not fully understand its development.


As pioneers in the field and strong believers of the new technology, the founders of Coris AM have committed to acquiring deep knowledge, attaining valuable know-how and developing strategic partnerships since 2016.


Combined with decades of experience in banking and investment and entrepreneurial endeavours, the management team of Coris AM – supported by expert advisors – is well placed to execute its vision and mission.


Coris AM is also single minded in what it is doing – to identify blockchain and fintech start-ups with potential, incubate them, help them to accelerate their growth and then exit at an appropriate time to provide a good return to investors.


Christopher has 15 years of experience in managing property investments in Asia and Europe, and also has an extensive network of accredited and institutional investors in Asia.


He has managed a fund portfolio of €320 million, and his clients include family offices, institutional investors, ultra-high net worth individuals and high net worth individuals in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.


Christopher sees great potential in the burgeoning blockchain and fintech investment space. Interest is growing and the momentum is mounting. He believes growth and development will be robust and it is a viable option for investors looking to diversify an investment portfolio of mature assets.

Sharing a similar view, Connie, a seasoned corporate banker, switched to specialising in the blockchain and fintech space in 2016. Since then, she has been advising a broad range of companies on how to gear up in the emerging ecosystem. Connie has also shared her views with the Fintech/Blockchain community in the various Events.


Companies she has advised include:

  • A subsidiary of a listed company in the implementation of blockchain technology for food safety.

  • A listed company on its development of secure products for use in blockchain security technology.

  • Evaluating a new insurance start-up which uses blockchain technology for private investment.


Given Connie’s knowledge and experience, she is able to identify emerging start-ups with the potential to become unicorns.


To create the ideal environment for investee companies, Coris AM will be hothousing them at 80RR, a one-stop incubation and accelerator centre in the fintech and blockchain ecosystem.


Influencers in the fintech and blockchain space can also engage continuously with start-ups by organising events at 80RR.





  • Ultra-high net worth individuals

  • High net worth Individuals

  • Institutional investors

  • Family offices


Coris AM will invest in fintech and blockchain technology start-ups in Asia through direct equity stakes at early-stage funding (seed or Series A) to generate significant returns for our investors.


Our investment strategy is to fund a portfolio of innovative start-ups and SMEs in the fintech and blockchain ecosystem and to apply a systematic investment and accelerator process to generate exits at significant multiples of invested funds.


Based on our fintech and blockchain technology know-how and our focus on start-ups in this space will enhance our returns and rate of success.


We bring together the value chain of influencers within the fintech and blockchain ecosystem to advise the investee companies in areas such as strategic planning, marketing, finance, administration, human resources, legal, etc, to nurture them to become unicorns in their area of business.


Coris AM is looking to back fintech and blockchain technology start-ups that fit its criteria and invite investment proposals, project summaries and White Papers to be submitted for consideration.


We are looking for the following attributes.

  • An entrepreneurial team with hunger for success.

  • A proven concept or a minimum viable product.


Once the investee companies are selected, we will incubate them and start a tailored accelerator-training programme. We will provide support in product development and refinement, networking access to industry contacts, etc, to optimise and propel growth of the start-up.

If you have what it takes, email us at contact@corisam.com



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